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I started Grackle and Grackle to create a space where writers are rewarded for teaching innovative, first-rate creative writing courses they enjoy, while anybody who wants to write has the opportunity and space to do so. This is why I offer graduated discounts for classes, and why I give away around twenty free spots a year. My goal is to create a system where people who can afford a class pay the going rate for a writing class, and people who need a lift can pay a little lower price, and people who would not be able to take a writing class without our assistance, might pay nothing.

Grackle and Grackle classes are filled with people from diverse economic (and as it follows, racial, cultural, age, and gender related) backgrounds. I never turn a student away unless a class is full. When people from different communities share stories and ideas, the world gets stronger. Writing gets better when what is obvious to one reader isn’t to another; we learn to see and to think and tell stories with the broad lens a strong story demands.

We are not a 501c3 at this stage; in fact, Grackle and Grackle is entirely run by one person, me, Miah Arnold.People often ask how they can donate or help Grackle and Grackle, and for me, the answer is that they donate to the fund that helps me ensure all our classes are accessible to everyone. One class usually costs around $380, but any amount of donation is something we are grateful for.

Thank you for considering the help.

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