Projects we have collaborated on:


writing consultants at Grackle and Grackle helped MD Anderson

M.D. Anderson & Aurora Picture Show

Postcards from space

This fall Ian Cion of the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center’s Arts in Medicine Program contacted Grackle and Grackle to help the program come up with a narrative about a space ship traveling through space. He wanted to create a small film that would be written by young patients over the course of the fall, Grackle and Grackle gathered and recorded stories from thirty different young people of all ages, and then wove them together into a single, beautiful story. Aurora Picture Show taught kids to animate stories based on the space theme, and then they used the script and their animations to produce the movie.

Postcards from Space

Grackle and grackle writing consultant helped CORE find hundreds of quotes from school children, writers, and famous Houstonians for this project.

Core Design Studio

Core Design Studio asked us to help them gather hundreds of ephemeral quotes by Houstonians and boil them down to just over one hundred for the beautiful public art project they created for The Houston Downtown Management District. We gathered the voices ranging from hip-hop stars, school children, famous writers, and historical figures to help Core create what we believe is one of the most beautiful and constantly surprising displays of public art in the country.
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