we know you tell stories.

Grackle and Grackle hosts creative writing classes taught by talented writers who love to teach. We also consult with organizations and businesses seeking a literary touch on big projects, or who want us to create workshops for team retreats or other events. We work with all ages of writers. 

Founded by writers Miah Arnold and Raj Mankad in 2014, our goal is bolster the power of story-telling in Houston and abroad to connect writers to each other. By offering graduated discounts on classes, we ensure that anybody who wants to take a class at Grackle and Grackle can do so.

We host weekend workshops for retreats geared toward specific kinds of writing, therapy, or outcomes; and weekly workshops in institutional or hospital settings. As consultants, we deliver strategic plans, texts, publications, illustrations, and videos. We collaborate with graphic design, landscape, urban planning, and architecture firms.


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