Mirrors and the Art of Memoir (Online)


8 Weds Eves // Writing Memoir online
with Robin Reagler
Starts Jun 15 // 6:30-8:30

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Grackle Photo by Yolanda Movsessian

The most complex person you will ever engage with is yourself. That is what makes the art of memoir both challenging and fascinating. Every time you tell your own story it is different. Think of the fun house mirrors, how each mirror presents a “you” who appears distorted and yet recognizable. Think of this course as a house of mirrors. You will play with the many ways to tell your story.

This course will present you with a series of mirrors, unique ways to capture your experiences in language. We will consider a wide range of writers that will include Aimee Nezhukumatathil, Sarah Manguso, Zadie Smith, Heather Christle, and other masters of the form. Over the arc of the class, you will do weekly in-class writing, and produce a more polished essay.

Robin Reagler is the author of Night Is This Anyway, Into The The, Teeth & Teeth, and Dear Red Airplane. She has won prizes that include the Charlotte Mew Prize, selected by Natalie Diaz, and the UK’s Best Book Award. She is currently working on a memoir based on her experiences as a lesbian parent.




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