Climb Into Their Skin


8 Sundays Writing Fiction
with Georgina Key
Starts Jan 16 // 1 to 4

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Grackle artwork by artist Kathy Clemente

“You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view…until you climb into his skin and walk around in it.”
To Kill a Mockingbird

As writers, we spend much of our time in our character’s skin and the world in which they walk, and our goal is to bring our eager readers along with us on this journey. 

What is it that makes you keep turning the page when you pick up a book? Is it fascinating and complex characters, evocative language, a strong voice, a vivid setting or tantalizing plot? Our aim as writers is to tell a story that seamlessly elevates all these elements. We want our readers to immerse themselves in our story, but also, perhaps, to stop and ponder what deeper meanings may be revealed upon a closer reading, what extra layers may be unveiled between the lines. 

In this class, we will work on how to make all these elements shine in our writing. We’ll examine outside readings by authors who employ their craft expertly so we can learn to apply their skills to our own writing. I will offer inspiring in-class writing prompts to flex your writing muscles in a spontaneous and playful way. And you will share your works-in-progress each week, receiving and providing constructive feedback within a supportive and encouraging writing community. So, let’s get together and write!

Georgina Key is an award-winning author and artist whose debut novel, Shiny Bits In Between (Balance of Seven Press, 2020), was a recipient of the Kops-Fetherling Phoenix award for Best New Voice of 2020. Her poems have appeared in various journals, and she is currently working on her second novel based in part on memories of her childhood in England. Georgina currently lives in Texas where she received her M.A. in English from Stephen F. Austin University. She has taught writing for over 30 years and founded Silver Rocket, a literary zine celebrating children’s voices. Visit the author’s website, Instagram, or Facebook shiny bits in between for excerpts, news and updates.

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