Crafting the Story in Sound: Adventures in Podcasting (online)


10 Sunday afternoons
creating podcasts
with Emily Miles
Oct 4 – Dec 5
from 12:30 to 3:00 pm

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Part One:
When we tell stories with sound, sonic quality twirls with, sticks to, and (sometimes radically) transforms our words. In our first four weeks, we’ll build the technical foundation necessary to tell the kinds of stories we hear on This American Life, Radiolab, and the strongest experimental podcasts. We’ll use quick production prompts using Adobe Audition (let us know if you have a different sound software) to practice recording techniques, explore/befriend editing software, and work with our own voices in narration and interviewing. In the end, you’ll be ready to (maybe radically) produce the kinds of stories we explore in Crafting the Story in Sound.

Part Two:
Now it’s time to use that idea of yours for a podcast or audio story you’ve been wanting to make. You know the first thing (if not the second or third) about recording and editing audio, now you’re ready to for the craft component of The Story in Sound! This workshop will give you the chance to try your hand—and voice—at telling stories like those in This American Life, Radiolab, and other great podcasts. You’ll practice interviewing and narrating, consider how radio writing is different from (potentially more fun than?) print writing, listen to and discuss great radio stories, and most importantly, workshop with others the story or podcast episode that you’ll produce over our six weeks together.

Emily Miles is a multimedia producer, currently making Indiana University’s In This Climate podcast. She previously co-produced American Student Radio and Through the Gates. Her audio work has appeared on Nieman Storyboard and NPR member station WNIN.

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