we know you tell stories.

Grackle and Grackle Literary Enterprises is built on the combined experience of writers Raj Mankad and Miah Arnold — each of whom has taught, written, and wondered in Houston for most of the past twenty years. It is our desire to help expand the literary landscape in this greatest of American cities.

Our aim is help bolster the power of story-telling in Houston by leading workshops taught by experienced and successful writers who love teaching; by consulting for non-profits and for-profits who need literary expertise to help boost a campaign or project; by working with the many writing and arts organizations we have spent years working with already to provide writing workshops or experiences to a variety of different Houston communities; and by launching a new publishing house in the spring of 2017.

We integrate craft, intimacy, and truth-force into all aspects of our work. We pay teachers enough that they can teach fewer classes, pursue their own writing, and devote substantial attention to our students. grackle-sketch-1b-copyWe look forward to growing our ongoing creative writing workshops so that our teachers can count on a livable income.

We offer weekend workshops for retreats geared toward specific kinds of writing, therapy, or outcomes; and weekly workshops in institutional or hospital settings. As consultants, we deliver strategic plans, texts, publications, illustrations, and videos. We collaborate with graphic design, landscape, urban planning, and architecture firms.

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