we know you tell stories.

    Join us, at Grackle and Grackle, in expanding the literary landscape in this greatest of American cities. We host creative writing workshops in-house, in live online classes, and around Houston, a reading group for books in translation, and we are in the midst of creating a publishing house. During the Covid pandemic, all our classes have moved online, where they will remain for the foreseeable future.

    Located in the Houston Heights, our creative writing workshops are taught by accomplished writers who know how to teach writing. Our consulting team works with nonprofits and businesses who want to bring in workshops or add literary expertise into a project. Our goal is to help every writer find the kind of story they want to tell, to help them tell it in the most engaging way possible, and to encourage them to write enough that the process becomes easier and more fluid with time.

    Creative writing can feel like a luxury we don’t have time for, and that creative writing is a piece of our lives we must make time for. We work hard to ensure our students leave classes with the desire to write, to revise, to forge forward; that our critiques are forthright and true to each individual writer’s intentions and goals and not to a group’s norms.

    We know you tell stories.

    We are here to help you share them. In that light, we also offer discounts and scholarships to ensure that every person who wants to take a workshop with us is able to — if you need financial assistance to make the workshop, don’t hesitate to contact Miah Arnold.Grackling Hot Creative Writing Classes in the Houston Heights



    Creative Writing Workshops

    Variations in Prose: Finding the Words

    10 Wednesdays
    Fiction, Memoir, & Essays
    with Miah Arnold
    Sept 23 to Dec 2
    (skipping Thanksgiving week)
    from 10 to 1


    Pop Culture & The Personal in Poetry: Writing the Histories of Ourselves and the World

    10 Sunday Afternoons
    Writing Poetry
    with Michelle Burke
    Sept 13 to Nov 15
    from 1 to 4 pm


    Crafting the Chapbook: Possibilities for a Cycle of Poems

    Every Other Monday
    The Finished Manuscript:
    Poetry Chapbooks
    with Robin Davidson
    September 7 to December 14
    from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm


    When a House Becomes a Town: the Flash Fiction Chapbook

    Every Other Tuesday
    The Finished Manuscript:
    Flash Prose Chapbooks
    with Kaj Tanaka
    Sept 8-Dec 16
    from 6 to 9 pm


    Name of the Instrument: A Workshop On Tone in Poetry

    2 Saturday Mornings
    Writing Poetry
    with Anthony Sutton
    August 15 & August 22
    from 10 to 2 pm


    Words as Protest

    4 Thursday nights
    6 to 9
    writing Mixed Genres
    with Deborah D.E.E.P. Mouton
    Oct 1- Oct 22


    The Curious Playwright: A Nine Week Workshop for Playwrights to Experiment & Explore

    9 Sunday Evenings
    writing plays
    with Elizabeth Keel
    Sept 13 to Nov 8
    6-9 pm


    Defying Gravity: Writing Poetry that Flies

    10 Monday Mornings
    Writing Poetry
    WIth Justin Jannise
    September 7 to November 9