This Sensational World: Fiction with Leah Lax


    10 Thursdays
    with Leah Lax
    April 18 to June 20
    6 to 9

    Product Description

    Colors, from mud brown after a storm to summer hibiscus, from the budding tint in an infant’s eyes to the fadeout in the face of a dying friend. Sounds: a barn owl at midnight; summer cicadas; muted music through a wall; the particular lilt in an intimate’s voice after morning coffee. Add touch, elusory smells, taste—from bitter to sweet, and only then, through our senses, do we begin to, well, make sense of the world.

    Come and experience creating a sensory world on the page, and discover how sensory details connect your scenes to one another and magically evoke the emotions you want to capture.

    We’ll build our fictional worlds together, line by line, with lots of food and laughter and sharing.

    has an MFA from the University of Houston Creative Writing Program. She is the author of Uncovered: How I Left Hasidic Life and Finally Came Home, She Writes Press, 2015. She was raised in a Jewish family in Dallas, Texas near her immigrant grandparents so that, growing up, she learned both to crochet and ride a horse. Grateful now for second chances, she has published award-winning fiction and nonfiction. Her work for stage includes major production with both the Houston Grand Opera and the Houston Symphony.


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