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Memoir Writing for Beginners


with Miah Arnold
this workshop is postponed until Spring

Life happened. Right up until you read this sentence, and then even now, as you read this, it is still happening. Well, that sentence isn’t worth including in your memoir, even if it did happen to you, but what is? How do we know what pieces of life we want to boil down into something smaller and share? So much happens, how do we organize these ideas so that they might touch or change, warn or give heart to somebody else?

In this nuts and bolts class, we’ll break the writing of memoir into simple steps. Using outside sources as examples, we’ll look into what qualities make a memoir memoir. What elements of writing do they need? How are they like fiction, how are they like poems?

You won’t be expected to turn in a full short story or to write critiques in this class. This s a class for weekly, in-class practice of introductory writing techniques, for questions, for beginnings.

Miah Arnold, PhD, has taught creative writing for the past twenty years through Houston non-profits including Inprint, Writers in the Schools, and Aurora Picture Show as well as University of Houston, University of Houston-Downtown, Houston Community College, and Georgia College. Her essay “You Owe Me” about working for M.D. Anderson via Writers in the Schools was selected by Best American Essays in 2012. Her first novel, Sweet Land of Bigamy, was published in 2012.


with Miah Arnold
this workshp is postponed until spring due to the Hurricane

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