Songwriting for Dilettantes


    with Lucas Masllorens
    6 Sundays
    Sept 30 thru Nov 4


    Product Description

    If you’ve ever dreamed of writing a song, recording it, and having a copy of it, this is the class for you. The class creates music from the ground up — focusing on the music, the lyrics, and the ways they come together in a thorough and supportive environment. The goal of this workshop is that you come up with a new song (and of course learn how to make many more). We’ll go through the theory of the song and its different examples, and we’ll plant the seed, nourish and finally harvest your creation, class after class. A bit of musical knowledge is needed, but just a bit. Six 2-hour sessions held on a weekly basis. Listen below to “I ♥ You Tanner” by student Randi Faust for an example of both the amazing songs that come out of the class, and the incredible musical backdrop Lucas adds to each class.


    Piping Hot Songwriting with Lucas Masllorens at Grackle and Grackle

    Lucas Masllorens

     Lucas Masllorens is a journalist and musician. As a journalist he has produced and hosted a radio show devoted to jazz and created music collections for magazines, among other projects. As a musician he’s a multi-instrumentalist that played in and composed for several bands. He was also the founder of Oven Music, a production company for advertising and film scores. Born and raised in Buenos Aires, he moved to Houston in 2016.

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