Piping Hot Food Writing Classes with Alice Levitt at Grackle and Grackle

    A Perfect Pain: Food Writing in Houston


    A hot pot beckons. Chile-infused broth bubbles away. Or perhaps you’re biting into a perfect pain au chocolat, its buttery layers flaking on your lips with each crunch. It’s all but assumed you’ll take a photo of your meal these days, but in some cases, using your words can tell far more than a detailed picture. For those with the skills to describe today’s booming food world, opportunities (both personal and professional) are just a few bites away. Food writing.

    Do you love eating your way through Houston and the world at large? Addicted to checking out the latest eatery the moment it opens? Put your money where your mouth is—literally. With tastings and interviews, explore the different types of food writing and get a taste for how to market yourself. After this two-day course, experienced writers will be ready to start pitching publications with their own food stories.

    Piping Hot Food Writing Classes with Alice Levitt at Grackle and Grackle

    Alice Levitt

    Alice Levitt has been writing professionally since she was 13 years old. Before finding food, she reviewed movies, wrote about wrestling and was even published in the Weekly World News. A food writer for more than a decade, she’s worked at EatingWell, Vermont’s alt-weekly Seven Days and Houstonia magazine. She’s also been published in the Boston Globe, Southern Living and Food Network Magazine. She released her first book, Vermont: An Explorer’s Guide, in 2015.

    Food Writing with Alice Levitt
    May 5, May 12

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