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Fiction Writing for Beginners


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You know you want to write a story, but you don’t know quite where to begin? What does a story need? How do you make your story sound the way you want it to? Are there tricks to making characters seem lifelike? What are the questions writers ask when they set out to get their work down onto paper?

In this workshop, we’ll discuss the bare-bones of fiction writing. Each week we’ll read a story for a different element of writing, and we’ll practice how to get these effects in our own writing, in class. We’ll read classic fiction writers — contemporary and traditional, American and international — and learn to do what they do.

You won’t be expected to turn in a full short story or to write critiques. This s a class for weekly practice, for questions, for discovery.

Miah Arnold, PhD, has taught creative writing for the past twenty years through Houston non-profits including Inprint, Writers in the Schools, and Aurora Picture Show as well as University of Houston, University of Houston-Downtown, Houston Community College, and Georgia College. Her essay “You Owe Me” about working for M.D. Anderson via Writers in the Schools was selected by Best American Essays in 2012. Her first novel, Sweet Land of Bigamy, was published in 2012.


with Miah Arnold
6 Mondays 10/16 to 11/20
from 6:30 to 8:30

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